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LURA x FrankHaveMercy

by Luis Cano | September 06, 2016

"“Vision Becomes Truth” is inscribed on every pair of LURA eyewear, and for good reason. Focusing on the belief that life’s complexities are deeper than what you can simply see with your eyes, LURA is committed to idea that what we imagine in our minds will ultimately shape our realities."         -Highsnobiety 

LURA collaborated with LA-based photographer, FrankHaveMercy on an editorial previewed on Highsnobiety.com. 

View the full Highsnobiety story here.

Photographer: FrankHaveMercy 
Stylist: Roman Sipe
Model: Joel Mignott
Location: Downtown Los Angeles


by Gavin Lura | July 05, 2016


There have been several iterations of the Heaton as we searched for a manufacturer that shared our attention to detail. Perfection was required to exact the structural design concepts on the frame. After multiple overseas trips, we finally found our match in Japan. It took an additional 5 months to fully develop and produce.

For a brief history; LURA’s perspective on design originated with the addition of custom metalwork to existing silhouettes. In 2014, the concept took form on our first proprietary frames shapes. Two years later, the Heaton frame shows a cohesive combination of the two aspects to our concept; metal detailing and the acetate frame.

The top bar on the Heaton is a more than a piece of rectangular metal. From the side view it is apparent that the detail piece is angled forward, matching the pantoscopic tilt of the front, giving the Heaton a swept look.

Everything lines up - the angles on the bar and the frame find respective parallels from top to bottom. The flat top of the bar matches the top of the frame, the base of the lens rim, and extends onto the temples. From the front view, the exterior angles of the metal detail find a parallel on the outer edges of the frame itself.

The Heaton sets the benchmark for frames to come from LURA design and manufacturing.

- Gavin Lura



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